Lunch of Champions is centered around overcoming challenges. Showcase Group partners with collaborative and community-focused organizations to celebrate youth and young adults.
K-12:  Overcoming Challenges
High School/GED - College: Overcoming Transitional Challenges and Career Readiness






















Showcase Group Champions come from diverse backgrounds. Some are current and former professional athletes, and some are executives and entrepreneurs.   Descriptions and types of champions vary to the extent of their current career, but all offer unique information and experience.


During the luncheon, participants learn about prioritizing interests, identifying support systems, and contributing to their own success. Students and panelist participate in a Social and Emotional Learning workshop that encourages them to interact and communicate their areas of foreseen growth after the intervention.


Overcoming Challenges and Career Readiness


Our target audience for this event is High School to College aged participants.  In constructing the Lunch of Champions for college-aged participants, we want to help aid and support the most crucial time periods for youth to transition as successful adults and professionals.  We bring students together with leading professionals and athletes to discuss career readiness and geographical opportunities.


During the panel discussion, the focus is on being able to transition to the workplace. Guiding their career path and identifying resources to help shape their career. Panelist discuss exposure and corporate culture. Tips on delivering business value as an entry level employee, and steps to take as a budding entrepreneur.

The Showcase Group partners with current and former Georgia based professional athletes to mentor and inspire youth. Players share their experiences, many of whom have similar backgrounds to the youth, and educate them about fitness and lifestyle skills. The players also stress the importance of education in order to be successful.

The goal of the program is to show that hard work and focus leads to personal success. This program particularly inspires at-risk youth in Georgia’s juvenile detention centers.  The players leave a lasting memory for the youth as they promote positive reinforcement, a value for education, and a drive for accomplishment.

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