Showcase Group Advocacy Model

Juvenile incarceration is a national crisis with over 50,000 kids locked up nationwide - mostly for nonviolent offenses.  There are over 2,000 kids currently incarcerated in the state of GA and over 50% of those kids will return to a detention center within 2 years of their release. 


Another major crisis is from the mental health perspective. Only 30% of incarcerated youth receive mental health treatment when studies show that over 70% of these youth actually need it.  


Showcase Group solves this problem through Advocacy, Case Management, and Social and Emotional Growth.  


We take our participants through a 4 step process, and by the end of this process, justice-involved youth and families have the resources and the tools they need to never go through this process again.  


Step 1: Emotional Intelligence Workshops are conducted with youth clusters of youth being released within 90 days.

Step 2: 1 on1 Advocacy conducted with the youth 32 hours of advocacy support

Step 3: The advocate has assisted in identifying the youths highest barriers in 4 particular areas: mental health, residential, employment, and education. Youth are also provided a physical bag with resources provided according to their individual needs upon release.   

Step 4: Resource Connection to a mental health provider, residential source, employment, and/or educational source. 

"Trauma-informed care is key.. we have to shift from asking what’s wrong with this kid.. and start asking, what happened to this child?" - John Kennebrew

Below are advocates and volunteers currently serving justice-involved youth and families across the state of Georgia!







































Showcase Group is also a part of initiatives focusing on improving the lives of boys and men of color. Our Advocacy framework and culturally relevant workshops assist in connecting youth and young adults to mental health, educational, transitional, and employment referrals and pathways.  Showcase Group recognizes an opportunity to amplify access to available resources for a subset of opportunity and justice-involved youth, both in Metro Atlanta and Rural Georgia.



Juvenile Justice Stats:  

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth reports that there are 2,570 juveniles serving life without parole sentences in various states throughout the country.


Annie E Casey Foundation reports that there are over 374,000 families with children with annual incomes of less than 150% of the federal poverty threshold.  


There are 13,395 children in foster care in Georgia. 2,370 of these children are waiting for adoptive families. - AdoptUSKids


Annie E Casey reports that there are over 2,100 youth residing in GA’s juvenile detention and correctional facilities.


Three years after exiting a secure state facility, 50% of youth have committed another offense.


Over 91% of youth in the State’s youth detention center is between the ages of 12 and 16.


Among those youth detained in youth detention centers with a mental health diagnosis, 60% also met criteria for a substance use disorder.

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